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The Principles of Sufism
An exquisite book written by a Maliki legal scholar on the principles of Sufism, being the most impo...
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Living Faith: Inside the Muslim World of Southeast Asia
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The Empire and the Crescent
Within nine days of 9/11, a group of neoconservatives had written a letter to President Bush advising him on how to conduct "the war on terrorism." They urged the President to overthrow Saddam and target Syria and Iran. In short, Bush was told that he must "exploit the attacks of 9/11 to launch a series of wars on Arab regimes," none of which had attacked the US.

The Empire and the Cresent
invites readers to examine the role of the United States in world politics, and draws their attention to the dangers that open-ended and unchecked American power can cause to the world and ultimately, to itself. This anthology offers a timely and authoratative perspective on the question of relations between the West and Islamic societies.
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The Empire and the Crescent
This critically acclaimed anthology offers a timely perspective on the question of relations between...
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Islam Denounces Terrorism
This colourful and glossy book serves as an excellent overview of the nature of Islam and its relati...
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Harun Yahya
Harun Yahya is a pen name used by Mr. Adnan Oktar. His pen-name, Harun Yahya, is formed from the ...
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