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The Empire and the Crescent
"... a much needed work...should be used as a reader in college classrooms...a truly amazing compilation..."
Islamic Studies, Vol. 43, No1, Spring 2004

"... a book that is compelling and authoritative."

BBC Religion and Ethics
"Since 9/11 many books have appeared on the US relations with the Muslim, but few, have been able to capture the essence of the relationship. In this lucid and highly readable new book, Malik's contributors provide us with a fascinating and deeply critical analysis of the United States' recent engagement with the Muslim world.

The book is divided into two parts, each looking at a distinct aspect of the relationship. Part one is devoted to a detailed analysis of the "empire" itself, its home front as well as its many foreign policy initiatives. Nine original essays by such figures as William Blum, Shahid Alam and Pepe Escobar develop the themes of engagement with the outside world, and the workings of the "American empire" itself, into critical surveys of American policy objectives.

In part two, the editor has turned the mirror on the Muslim world "the crescent" - in search of themes relating to the empire. Five strong essays, including such luminaries as John Esposito and Hamza Yusuf, explore the relationship between the two sub-sets of the analysis. Throughout, one's perceptions are challenged by the penetrating observations of the authors, turning this book into a strong alternative depiction of the United State's relationship with the Muslim world.
I recommend this book unreservedly and hope that others enjoy reading it s much as I have."
Professor Anoush Ehteshami, British Society for Middle Eastern Studies Newsletter, Volume 18, #2, November 2004

"This is one of the most important books to appear since September 11th.."

Mark Curtis, Author of: Web of Deceit: Britain\'s Real Role in the World

"...offers a chilling insight into the neo-conservative worldview and impact their proliferating think tanks have on present US policy."

ISLAMICA Magazine, Issue # 10, Winter 2004

"Like their compatriots in the heartlands, it appears that Muslims in the West must, more than ever, take a double stand against the extremists in their midst and against the rise of the American hyper-power on the back of the war on terrorism, an approach admirably outlined by The Empire and the Crescent: Global Implications for a New American Century ..."

Muslim World Book Review, 24/2, Winter 2004

"The case for urgent re-evaluation and re-formulation of American foreign policy is made very eloquently."

The Muslim News

"As public-minded people around the globe strive to make sense of the times we are in--especially the nature and aims of American power in relation to the Middle East--this collection is an indispensable resource."

Wendy Brown, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley

"This is an important work, raising alarm and providing analysis in equal measure. Both are sorely needed in these dicey times, and The Empire and the Crescent delivers, with powerful voices and multiple perspectives that will resonate across many cultures - all of whom must now confront the brute fact of an American Empire."

Chris Floyd, columnist for The Moscow Times and CounterPunch.

"Hegel said that the Owl of Minerva first takes flight with twilight closing in - that wisdom comes almost too late. This collection of essays is the first,not to depict the rise of an American empire, but to portray America's rush into a night of perpetual conflict with enemies of its own making.

The Empire and the Crescent will be an inexhaustible source of support for those who try to reverse this homicidal and suicidal rush to global war."

Michael Neumann, Professor of philosophy, Trent University in Ontario, Canada

"...exposes the neocon agenda for US imperialism .."

Rauf A. Azhar, Professor of Economics, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

"Critically engages difficult questions about a dangerous world. The chapters will expand readers' understanding of the United States and Islam and the Middle East. The honest assessment of U.S. foreign policy in several of the chapters is crucial to understanding the magnitude of the political choices we face."

Robert Jensen, Associate Professor School of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin

"If 9/11 is to be taken as watershed in the relations between the US and the rest of Muslim world, then there is an urgent need to understand the nature of this challenge.

The Empire and the Crescent, presents a clear and lucid understanding of the dangers posed by a superpower unrivalled in its military strength and its implication not only for the Muslims world, but for the world community as a whole."

Ibrahim Ezdemir, Professor of Islamic Studies, Ankara University, Turkey

"A book all Americans should read: a collection of dramatic perceptions on the emerging American Empire and a poignant counterpoint to the corporate controlled mainstream media from which 79% of Americans get their news. These articles clearly express what the Bush administration, the Cabal running it, and the CEOs of the trans-nationals do not want to hear."

William A. Cook, Professor of English, the University of La Verne, Southern California

"A welcome respite from the constant disinformation and historical revisionism emanating from the realm of the neo-conservative media, policy launderers, and think tanks. During these troubled times, scholarship and truth telling, not propaganda, are absolute necessities.

The scholars and journalists who have contributed to this important work have successfully breached the perception management wall of obfuscation and duplicity erected by the neo-conservative movement."

Wayne Madsen, Author, columnist and investigative journalist, Washington, DC

"This timely book offers a rich critique of the ideology and practice of the expansive American empire. All those who are looking for alternative interpretations and analysis, away from the suffocating conformity of the mainstream press and academia, should read this book."

As`ad AbuKhalil, Associate Professor, of political science at California State University
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